A day in my life.

Elliott Bussell


I’ll generally start work around 9. I’m not really an early riser, so I’ll normally just get up, get ready, and either head into the office or start work at home. I like coming into the office for the change of scenery and to see a few people during the day. Most weeks I’m in the office around half the time. I start off the day by planning out what I’d like to achieve today around meetings and other commitments, dealing with emails etc.


Our stand-up is at 10 where we catch up with the rest of the team and update each other on what we’re working on. It’s also a chance to flag up any blockers or potential issues. The rest of the morning will be spent either in internal or external meetings or getting down to work.


Once a week, the data science team gets together for an hour. How we spend the time varies each week, but we’ll discuss how we’ve approached problems and help each other out if we have ideas. Any issues brought up by our work can be discussed, and we’ll brainstorm what work needs to be prioritised to iron out those issues or improve our systems.


Time for a lunch break. Most days, I’ll take some time to go for a walk and get some fresh air. It also gives any problems I’ve been working on a chance to percolate through my mind. My best solutions often come to me whilst wandering around.


I’ll spend the afternoon focussing on my work. This can be quite varied week-to-week and even day-to-day. Some of my time is spent on analysis for customer projects – data processing, statistical analysis, making visualisations, and writing reports. I also work more on the data engineering side of things, which might involve writing data pipelines to integrate with our platform and help automate and streamline our data science work.


I’ll normally finish work around 5.30/6 and head home. I spend time cooking with my partner to relax from the day.