A day in my life.

Jonathon Hawkins


I start my day by feeding my dog and cats, once the beasts are tamed, I spend the start of my morning with my wife and child, drinking far too much coffee, petting the cats and planning our day ahead.


I find starting the day with a walk puts me in the best mood, so accompanied by my very energetic dog, I head off into the local fens. This walk usually includes bumping into a few of my neighbours and having a natter as my dog’s impatience grows.


Time to start work. I pop open my laptop, check my emails, read merge requests, then delve into technical blogs to see what new and shiny tech is appearing on the horizon, sharing with my team as I go. That, and maybe a bit too much Twitter.


It's time to catch up with my colleagues in our stand-up call. At Qureight most of our time is spent working remotely, so we take this time to share updates, align our efforts, and generally catch up with one another.


After any breakout sessions are done, it's time to do some work, I spend my time doing a mixture of ticket writing, designing, programming, consulting on frontend matters and generally building things.


Lunchtime! Most of my lunches are solo, so I take the time to listen to podcasts, watch YouTube videos and do some chores around the house, setting up for a relaxed evening ahead.


To kick myself back into gear, this is usually when I stick my headphones on, put my desk in a stand position, and continue working on the problems that stump me the morning before, this is when I get my best work done.


As the day draws to a close, it is time to check in with the team and review some code, I'll usually end up on a call with one or two of my teammates, discussing the merits of one solution or another, finding the best outcome for our client's needs.

6:30 pm

Time to call it quits, I post in the team chat that I'm signing off, close my laptop, reset my desk for a clean start tomorrow, and take my dog for another walk, clearing my head of the day's stresses before finally relaxing with my family.